3 brilliant toilet roll crafts for kids

It has turned is into a nation of crafters, and thousands of parents have gone online to search for easy craft ideas they can do at home with the kids. Time to bring our Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts from over the years together in one place. From TP Roll Puppets, to play scenes, rocks and gift boxes. you will find an ecclectic mix of craft ideas for the humble toilet paper roll! Now our love affair with Toilet Paper Roll Crafts goes a LONG WAY BACK! In fact, I think one of our first 5 or so kids crafts here on Red Ted Art all those year’s ago was a craft made out of the oh so humble TP Roll.

We love crafting with TP Rolls. they are plentiful, pretty much EVERYONE has them. and toilet paper rolls are surprisingly versatile! They are also free. And go well with our love of free craft resources, such as our Nature Crafts for Kids, we also adore Newspaper, so without too much further ado, let’s see what you can make out of the humble Loo Roll.

There is nothing quite like a Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for kids!

Remember, we LOVE TP Roll Crafts here on Red Ted Art and will be adding more over time. So do make this your first port of call if you are looking for something specific to make out of TP Rolls.

And new research reveals that the humble toilet roll is the household item of choice when it comes to getting crafty with the kids.

A study by Cushelle has revealed that interest in crafts for kids has increased per cent since February alone and over 1,000 per cent.

In addition, photos of kids’ crafts have been posted over 500k times.

In search for inspiration, toilet roll came out on top as the most useful at-home crafting object. Over 33,000 people in the UK searched for toilet roll crafts in April alone, a huge 2,446 per cent increase since February. Pom-poms crafts came in second (27,100 searches) and egg boxes in at third with 22,000 searches.

Following the influx in interest for toilet roll crafts, Cushelle has created a series of easy-to-follow videos showing how you can get creative with a loo roll, to help parents beat.

Three crafts you can do with a toilet roll tube

Sian Dixon, Marketing Manager at Cushelle said: “Being has had a huge impact on our day-to-day routines, particularly for those juggling working and home schooling. It’s clear people are looking for new ways to entertain the kids and with toilet roll cores proving so popular, we wanted to share some inspiration for the nation.”

1. Create your own camera using a toilet roll

Turn your mini mes into a budding David Bailey with this super-fun camera crafting project in eight easy steps. All you need is a loo roll, string, glue, scissors and some paint.

2. Craft a koala using a toilet roll

Any child will love crafting their very own cute Kenny the Koala; a fun and sweet project that will while away the hours and give them a new toy to play with too.

3. Make a hoopla using at toilet

Fun to make and fun to play! This craft requires lots of and painting for a really good afternoon of crafting that then turns into a great game.

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