How to make a drawstring bag

This drawstring bag pattern is so simple to sew – you’ll want to make lots because they’re so useful.

how to make a drawstring bag couldn’t be easier with our free sewing pattern for a fabric backpack. It’s a great project for those just beginning to sew – needing just two pieces of fabric and some cord, they’re easy to run up on your sewing machine by hand.

Below are free sewing patterns to make two sizes of drawstring bag, depending on your needs – and what size fabric you have. Get creative with the fabric combinations – we’ve used a pretty floral print with a standout flourescent cord, but go with prints and colours you fancy or you have in. It’s a great way to make something useful from offcuts of material.

This drawstring bag is really handy if you want to carry essentials with you while off on a walk. You can easily make one in a day – here’s what you need to make a drawstring bag.

You will need

  • Two 33cm x 45cm pieces of printed cotton fabric for the larger bag; two 23cm x 35cm pieces for the smaller one (We used fabric from Hobbycraft and Fabricland)
  • 2m fluoro cord for the larger bag; 160cm for the smaller one (Ours was from Fabricland)

How to make a drawstring bag

1. Fold and press a 1cm hem along one short edge of the two fabric pieces. Fold over again about 3cm to make a channel for the drawstring, and press.

2. On a sewing machine, top stitch 2.5cm away from the folded edges at the top of both pieces, place right sides together and stitch together along the bottom and both sides, taking a 1.5cm seam allowance. Leave a 2cm gap at the base of both sides, as this is where the cords will be secured.

3. Cut cord into two equal lengths. Turn the bag right side out and attach a safety pin to one end of the first length of cord. Thread through the channel, front and back, leaving the two ends of cord hanging out. Repeat, starting at the opposite side seam with the second piece of cord. You should now have a bag with two cord strings dangling from each side of the top channel.

4. Turn your bag inside out and pull the cord through the gaps at the bottom of the sides, pin in place and stitch securely. Turn the bag right way out and it’s ready to use.

Crafters unite to sew scrubs

A network of voluntary community groups who love to sew have teamed up to make scrubs, who are struggling to get them.

Scrub Hub was started in a Hackney Wick aid group when Dr Katie Ward asked if someone could help her get some scrubs.

Neighbours Maya, Annabel, Rebecca and Brooke knew they had the skills to help and the initiative was born.

Scrub Hub aims to fulfil personal orders for individual doctors who need scrubs, who probably don’t usually wear them but need to now.

“Some doctors including consultants and GPs don’t usually wear scrubs – but are realising this is the safest and easiest way for them to dress during this crisis,” organisers say.

“There is currently a shortage in some areas and we are hoping that by setting up our own community garment making we can make a little by little for our local doctors. The scrubs are made to order by experienced and professional volunteers, working safely (and rather magically) within the guidelines. Each hub asks for a donation per uniform when orders are placed to cover material and delivery.”

They added: “Through this fund we will be proudly donating to help support the NHS Practitioners and service. They help care for and support the mental well being of NHS workers, who are doing such an amazing and selfless job of looking after us all during this time.”

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