According to the Etsy Trends forecast, the hottest handmade products will include these themes and design elements:

  1. Chartreuse
  2. Color blocking
  3. ’80s style fashion
  4. Custom beauty
  5. Pet pampering


Etsy searches for green colored products are up by 12%. Searches for neon green have increased by 55%.

Consider working this striking, rich shade of green into some of your handmade products.

Keep in mind, the Etsy trends report says shoppers are searching for green and neon green. So, while the trending color may actually be chartreuse, shoppers may not be using this particular word in their online searches.

Including the right keywords is essential to success if you sell your crafts online, so don’t just use the word “chartreuse” in your product descriptions and titles. Be sure to include the word “green” and, if suitable, “neon green” and other popular descriptors for green as well.

You can always use an online thesaurus if you need a little help thinking of other words that describe green. My go-to thesaurus when I’m in Word Hippo.

Word Hippo won’t tell you anything about how often shoppers use a particular word to search for a particular product while shopping online, but it will give you plenty of word suggestions. Be sure to include in your descriptions common words that people are more likely to use in searches. The average shopper might not think of the word “chartreuse” but, according to Etsy’s report, they will use “neon green,” so choose your words wisely when promoting your business online.


If you make home decor products, and color blocking works with your aesthetic, consider including this trend in your designs.


According to Etsy, everything 80s will be totally radical. Bring out the shoulder pads if you want to embrace this trend. Maybe you can take a pass on getting a big curly perm.

You might offer customers made-to-order products. Do keep in mind, though, that offering custom products is more resource-intense than selling a defined line of products. Your production process will be less efficient, and you may need to keep more raw materials on hand. You’ll need to be able to make this business model profitable.


Growing pet-focused searches were reported in both Etsy’s trends report and trends report. To avoid repetition, I’ll skip this trend for a moment. We’ll look at it in more detail in the next section of the article when we examine.


Depending on your aesthetic, your products might already be gender neutral items that work for all kids even if you haven’t given it much thought. To capitalize on this trend, you may just need to merchandise and promote existing items in a way that highlights this feature.

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