Read free craft tutorials this weekend

Get inspired this weekend with a jam-packed free virtual event from our friends at Country Living. On Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of May, Country Living’s Celebrate at Home.

You can find the fantastic full line up here, but these are two crafty tutorials we’re certainly going to be watching!

Craft with Alaina Binks, Home and Craft Editor at Country Living

Learn how to make three beautiful at-home crafts using tissue paper with Country Living’s Homes and Craft Editor Alaina Binks as she talks us through how to make decoupaged vases, paper napkin and paper pompoms.

They are all easy makes using tissue paper (tissue paper, decoupage paper and paper napkins) and recycling.

  • Paper napkin pompoms
  • Decoupaged vases – with glass jars and bottles (small bottle and tall passata jar)
  • Paper napkin – without the snap, but with treats inside – re-using toilet rolls

The perfect for a birthday dinner at home (or other celebration in isolation) one in each person’s place.

Craft with Chris Myers of The Cozy Club

The Cozy Club, Chris Myers, will be hosting an at-home spring-inspired craft workshop, showing you a new way to press flowers.

From her own kitchen table, Chris shows us how to transform an old book into a personalized, decorated pressed flower book. Chris uses old French grammar books from her days as a French teacher but any book can be used – the type you’ve read hundreds of times and are ready to take on a new lease of life as part of a craft project. Don’t worry too much about the cover because that will be decorated.

All you need is an old book, some ribbon, some scrap pieces of fabric, baking paper, plain paper, glue, scissors and, most importantly, flowers and petals.

Chris uses blossoms but you can forage for any seasonal flowers or leaves from your garden or daily walks. The result in a charming, personalised pressed flower book where the pages of a novel are intertwined with beautiful, delicate petals – perfect for a meaningful birthday gift.

building tiny picnic benches for squirrels

People have been building adorable miniature picnic tables for squirrels to come and eat, after one man’s clever idea went viral.

Rick Kalinowsk, a plumber from Pennsylvania, shared images of the tiny table showing a squirrel enjoying a tasty treat. Rick explained that he was looking for a new hobby to pass the time.

“I do work with wood quite often, and, after I was home for two weeks, I was running out of things to do,” Rick explained that he built the picnic bench using scrap wood so he could watch the squirrels eat while enjoying coffee every morning. “There were no plans, no drawings,” he said. “I remembered what it looked like and just built it. Then I screwed it to the fence where I normally feed the squirrels. They’d take the nuts and run with them. But when I put sunflower seeds, they started sitting and eating.

Since posting the pictures, the idea has gone. Many others around the world have also been attempting to build the mini benches, with some creating miniature seating zones for the small animals and tiny restaurants, too.

If you don’t have the skill set to make your own, Rick has launched an Etsy shop on the back of his success selling handmade benches for you to order. Within the first 24 hours of launching his store, he already had over 600 orders, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to snap one up.

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